Thursday, February 10, 2005



Which Oldboy showing did you go to? I was at the 4 o'clock.

I liked the movie. It was incredibly tight, and while watching it, I had the feeling that I was in good hands - the editing was spot on, a very well put together picture, like when you know that a GOOD director is working even if the movie isn't mind blowing, which Oldboy wasn't, but that doesn't mean it isn't "worthy." The final twist is predictable from their first meeting, and while it doesn't necessarily diminish the impact (since the reactions are what make a lasting impression) it does make you want to hurry the pace a bit just to get there.

One thing floored me, though, and it was the first major fight scene, a moment of Bazinian long take brilliance and the camera takes a Henry Ford assembly line stance and tracks left to right following a tremendous beating, stopping and starting as the action dictates. It is one of those long takes that is completely inconspicuous until the moment where you realize the film still hasn't cut and the jaw drops - choreography brilliantly and eloquently executed.

I would have liked to see Clean but will see it next month during the French film series at Walter Reade. I absolutely loved Demonlover but have no idea what to make of Assayas in general - he seems like a complete hyperactive - jumping from genre to genre without any sort of thread, but I do like how he is coming into his own with a consistent release of new movies.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series including Izo, Sympathy for Mr. Vengence, the Rivette picture, and above all the Fuller double feature!


I'm at the Frankfurt airport, completey wiped from only getting two hours sleep on the overnight flight from NY, but I'm thrilled to read you enjoyed Oldboy. I'm amazed you figured out the twist -- I never saw it coming.


What was so spectacular about the last shot? Perhaps I'm missing something, or misremembering the exact ending of the movie.


No, I'm with you phyrephox. I think Filmbrain in his post on his site might have just been talking about the power of the situation as he saw it, but I agree with you and don't think it was anything spectacular. It was a good ending, but not a breathtaking shot. (I don't want to describe the last shot cause I don't want to give anything away from the film -- I guess I can say you see people looking at a snow capped mountain range from behind and then the camera moves off them and onto the mountain range.) There is so weight in the sitaution of the last two shots, say, simply because of how many different directions things can go, though.

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