Tuesday, November 16, 2004



They've been building sound stages on Treasure Island since it went private, it's one of the "multi-use" purposes that the City heralded a few years back, along with LucasFilm building offices in the Presidio. So, they will probably build sets and film it that way.

I don't care one way or another, I couldn't sit through Rent.

Jackson West

I've heard the exteriors will be shot in the East Village, so don't you fret. Chris Columbus is an SF homeboy, and mayor Gavin Newsom has been trying to get more film business here by the bay. The studios being built by LucasFilm at the Presidio are digital production studios, not soundstages. The Rent production got a great deal to shoot here in exchange for making some capital improvements to the soundstages on Treasure Island. Give our poor little not-New York, not-LA town a break. It's not like we don't have crazy rents.

I'm looking forward to stalking Ms. Dawson, that's for sure. As for the musical theater, you guys can have it. I'd rather it all stayed in NYC.

alice ayers

So fucking wrong. And, really, you hit the nail on the head in that last sentence. Thank you.


Yeah, I know about Mayor Newsom's attempts to increase film production in San Francisco, and as a native, I wish him the best of luck. My comments are not a knock on San Francisco whatsoever; it's a critique on the filmmakers and the business of filmmaking. This is another example of commerce (and an idiot) taking precedence over story and the good of the film. I'm pretty sure they could have struck a magnificent deal to shoot on location in NYC and use soundstage space at the new Brooklyn Naval Shipyard studios. All these tax incentives were just passed and Mayor Bloomberg has been trying to bring more production to the city. I would bet that Columbus, wanting to stay home, went looking for a San Francisco option first, and I'm sorry, that's just wrong. He can make as many "Nine Months" in the Bay Area as he likes, but Rent is going to be tough enough without creating a completely artificial environment.

And by the way, I hope nobody is mistaking me for a Rent fanatic. I think the show is very good, but as I believe I wrote in my original post, I never found it to be the end-all, be-all reinvention of musical theater so many others proclaimed it to be. Still, I think there is a potentially really good movie hidden in there, especially with the right creative team. I don't know that Spike Lee was necessarily the answer, but you could have bet that it would have been something new and fresh and different (even if not necessarily good), and he would have shot the damn thing in New York!

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