Friday, August 13, 2004



Well, well, well ... it appears that some other than my fellow film fanatics and I view Jordan as an annoying turd.
You see, I had to spend time with him. My name is Michael and I was one of the members of UFF - NYC. Not only did Jordan make an ass out of himself before the show, he was UNBEARABLE after he 'won'.
I remember, before we entered the studio, him saying, "Winner buys dinner." So, when we actually all decided to eat dinner together, Jordan invited himself along and revealed that
A. He saw most of the movies on cable
B. he'd take breaks and catch up during the week ala watch 2-3 movies in a day (what movie geek DOESN'T do this???)
C. He told the Phoenix players he won not 30 minutes after he was told NOT to say anything about the game.

But, to be fair, it wasn't all of Jordan's fault that we have grown to loathe his presense and everything UFF. The judges happened to be the dumbest three people ever to have judged anything this side of Charles Nelson Riley and JP Morgan. I'm not sure why I continued to watch UFF, but to see them CONSTANTLY botch the obsession war is enough to make me turn to poking me own eyes out.

Don't let me get started on how they kept us sequestered like the OJ jury!

Overall, I received a free trip to LA. I got some money for appearance fee and per diem. AND, I met a great group of guys I'm still friends with and whom we plan on doing a film critique show in the near future.
So, overall, I hope my whining doesn't overwhelm my legitimate points. AND, I still think I had the best opening catch phrase.



I have to stand up and defend Jordan.

I didn't meet him until after he had won the NYC round and I had won the Southeast round, but we had a blast in the green room (actually the off-red room, maybe it ripened) and, in my humble opinion, he's a nice guy.

Sour grapes shouldn't get you down.

I don't know about you being sequestered, but we sure weren't. Everyone rode on the same plane (ok, except for me), rode the bus to the hotel and then ate dinner together.

Check out Jordan in Ultrachrist! He plays the archangel Ira.



Reed, Reed, Reed ...

First off, why the hell did you pick Arthur Hiller as your biggest hack??? No one on that panel knew who the hell Arthur Hiller was!! Nice job.

Second, defending him is one thing, but eating breakfast with him is another. BTW Jordan, the winner, never did buy any of us dinner at fast food villa, Baja Fresh. I guess that would've dented his check too much. Great Guy.

As for promoting Ultrachrist, you're an idiot. Good luck in Georgia and give Saxby Chambliss a reacharound for me.


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